Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Adult Autism Assessment at New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling - UCAS

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Course summary

Programme Overview The programme provides students with an in-depth understanding of the autism assessment process, including the theoretical foundations of diagnosis and assessment. Students will explore autism spectrum conditions, from an academic, clinical and existential, person-centred perspective. You will explore the neurobiological, psychological, and sociologically theories about autism spectrum conditions, developing the ability to critically examine research, issues and practice within the field. You will develop clinical skills and knowledge through a combination of theoretical teaching and learning within a specialist placement. Students will be learn to conduct comprehensive adult autism assessments. This programme is quality assured by Middlesex University (subject to validation) and you will receive a Middlesex award on successful completion. This course teaches students how to complete NICE compliant assessments, as part of a multi-disciplinary team. The courses also cover the curriculum within the “Expertise Level” of training as outlined by the Scottish Government / NHS for Education Scotland Training Plan for Autism and Tier 3 of the National Framework Guidelines (the most comprehensive guidelines on autism training to date). This postgraduate course provides psychiatrists and psychologists specialist knowledge to complete autism assessments. It is also relevant for other health care and social care professionals with extensive autism experience, who wish to work as specialist assessors as part of multi-disciplinary NHS team. Modules Autism: This module covers awareness of diagnosis and presentation of autism. It also provides a comprehensive account of contemporary knowledge about the causes and effective therapies, approaches and interventions in ASD, and to enable the student to be able to combine these personal and scientific perspectives. Autism Assessment This module aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge concerning the strengths and limitations of the diagnostic criteria and autism assessments, including critical appraisal of the medical and social models of autism. We explore the processes of assessment, taking a developmental history, using assessment tools, and conducting a clinical interview. Key topics such as differential diagnosis, co-morbidity and the impact of personal, social and cultural factors will be critically considered. We. The module explores the lived experience of autistic individuals and those close to them, during the assessment process. It also considers how to elicit information in a sensitive and person-centred manner, in compliance with local protocols, legal and professional requirements. Students will explore key diagnostic biases and common errors (including diagnostic overshadowing and masking) and the issues relating to diagnosis in the face of ambiguity incomplete data, and complex presentations. The module will examine the importance of post-diagnostic support and care plans. Two modules in Clinical Placement and Supervision Students will complete two modules in clinical placement and supervision. These modules enable students to develop their assessing skills within a placement settings under clinical supervision, thus allowing students to demonstrate their developing professional competence. Students will develop their clinical skills within their placements; this will include shadowing assessments, attending team meetings, attending training, shadowing post-assessment support, and report writing.

Entry requirements

This course will provide psychologists and psychiatrists (and other suitably qualified medical, health care practitioners, such as SALTs) with the specialist knowledge to offer comprehensive adult autism assessments. The course is also appropriate for clinicians working in a multi-disciplinary team providing autism assessments. If you are a specialist assessing practitioner, OT, SALT, or other medical health professional, and want to be able to offer adult autism assessments (subject to subject clinical oversight and policies of this setting) this course will give you the skills you need. Eligible applicants will have: - A postgraduate qualification in social science or psychology; OR an equivalent professional qualification (e.g. medical professionals, social service/workers). A special case may be made for those without a postgraduate qualification or professional qualification but exceptional professional experience in the field. - Extensive experience working with autistic people. - A suitable placement in an NHS or private organisation providing autism assessments. - Regular, reliable and private access to the internet. - Fluent English (IELTS score of 7.0 with minimum component score of 7.0 or TOEFL score of 87). Personal suitability to be decided at interview.

Fees and funding

Tuition fees

EU £1140 Module
International £1140 Module
England £1140 Module
Northern Ireland £1140 Module
Scotland £1140 Module
Wales £1140 Module
Channel Islands £1140 Module
Republic of Ireland £1140 Module

Additional fee information

The cost of individual modules is £1,140.
Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Adult Autism Assessment at New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling - UCAS