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Course summary

How can outstanding provision be developed in schools for children and young people with SEN using evidenced-based best practice? The field of SEND is complex and constantly changing. This part-time course will give aspiring and practicing SENCo’s an in-depth understanding of effective policy, provision and practice to meet the diverse needs of children with SEND. The course will address all the professional learning outcomes required by the national award. You will meet colleagues and develop professional networks with both practitioners and leaders in the field of SEN. Leeds Trinity University provides postgraduate training to professionalise the SENCo role, improve pupil outcomes and to invest in and retain current SENCos. It is a requirement that all schools have a qualified SENCo and all new to role SENCos will need to achieve this qualification within three years of taking up their post. This course is taught over ten teaching days over a period of a year or across an academic year. You will focus on both SENCo as practitioner and SENCo as leader across two modules. You will be asked to explore the reasons why a child cannot access learning and will develop innovative ways to remove barriers to progression for children and young people with SEND. You will develop skills to critically evaluate policy and provision to develop outstanding inclusive practice with children and care givers. You will also develop skills to understand each child’s needs and start the journey to becoming an expert in identification and assessment to allow personalised planning and support to be developed so no child is left behind in their educational journey. Celebrating strengths in children and planning for teaching methods that incorporate these will be explored in detail.


On this part-time course, you will complete two modules and you will also complete a portfolio of work-related tasks for each. These portfolios will be the assessment element of the course. The tasks included in each portfolio will help you apply theory to your practice in supporting children with SEND learning. SENCo as Practitioner This module will focus on your work understanding and implementing the statutory and regulatory framework. You will focus your work on the graduated approach and the four areas of SEN. There will be a significant focus on your personal and professional skills linked to child-centred approaches and developing the practice of quality first teaching to meeting these. You will develop a practitioner enquiry on a child within your provision and submit a portfolio based on your own provision and work within it. SENCo as Leader This module will focus on developing your leadership skills to developing your school provision to improve outcomes for SEND. Leading in the SENCo role will be the focus of this module. You will learn best practice in collecting and using data. You will develop a deeper understanding about developing whole school provision for SEND. There will be content linked to the effective management of support staff and developing a coaching culture in your school to support teaching staff to develop effective practice in their classrooms. The SENCo as leader of CPD will also be an area of exploration to develop whole school improvement. You will complete a practitioner enquiry on leading and developing your own provision linked to your developing leadership skills in SEND and you will submit your second portfolio based on this work. Independent Learning There is an expectation that you will study and undertake independent learning outside of campus study days. We understand the challenges of SENCo workload and have designed the course and have developed assignments linked to your core role in school or setting. There is a significant amount of choice in the portfolio development and tutorials can help you personalise your learning to your own needs and specific SEND areas of interest.

Assessment method

You will complete a portfolio of work-related tasks for each module. These portfolios will be the assessment element of the course. The tasks included in each portfolio will help you apply theory to your practice in supporting learning in children with SEND.

Entry requirements

You may work in a range of settings and be from a range of local authorities in or outside of our region. You must be: A designated or deputy SENCo An aspirant SENCo An inclusion manager In a position to undertake or support some of the SENCo duties over an extended period. You will also need to have completed an induction period. You will need a document of support from your head teacher and an understanding that you will be involved in ten days of learning on campus over the course of the year or across an academic year. You will need to complete an application form and send a letter of support with the form from your setting.

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