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Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (Taught)

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Advanced critical care practitioners (ACCP) are now a recognised and embedded role within the critical care workforce. The development of this role is a response to the modern NHS and the changing complexities of patients who are admitted to critical care along with the ongoing demands of recruitment and retention in the medical workforce. The aim of this module is to enable the trainee ACCP to achieve the Higher Education Institute (HEI) competencies identified in the Faculty of Intensive Care (FICM) (2015) ‘Curriculum for Training For Advanced Critical Care Practitioners: syllabus. The course will develop theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional judgment, complementing work based assessments, clinical practice and experience to fulfil the competencies expected of a qualified ACCP in line with the Domains of Good Medical Practice. The module responds to FICM’s recommendations that the “theoretical component of the competencies be taught and assessed by a HEI.” The module is generic with specialist elements to allow for transferability to individual units. High standard in depth theoretical knowledge is taught and facilitated to achieve not only mastery academic assessments but also necessary clinical competencies (overseen by the Local Clinical Lead) to ultimately make high-level clinical decisions as an ACCP. The module will focus on full systems anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, investigations, interpretation of investigations, management and treatment of common conditions. This will be achieved through face to face teaching, enquiry based learning, simulation and guided learning alongside an expectation of self directed study for each individual to achieve the necessary assessments. The module itself is a postgraduate certificate at level 7. However, it is aligned with the MSc Advancing Clinical Practice which will enable the trainee to start their ACCP journey undertaking physical assessment and non-medical prescribing prior to undertaking the ACCP module. This would be undertaken alongside other core modules to achieve a post graduate diploma or furthermore a full postgraduate MSc degree. Please note, the location of teaching for the Advanced Critical Care Practitioner programme is dependent upon the modules takes. Most of the clinical module teaching takes place within the Clinical Education Centre located on the Royal Stoke University Hospital site, with some of the theory modules taking place on the main Keele University campus. Some content may be delivered online using both synchronous and asynchronous delivery.

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Must be currently appointed as a trainee Advanced Critical Care Practitioner - with service agreement for undertaking the programme; Normally, have completed a recognised independent and supplementary prescribing programme and a health assessment module (can be Level 6/7).

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