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The MPhil in Quantitative Climate and Environmental Sciences is a 10-month cross-departmental programme in the School of the Physical Sciences which aims to provide education of the highest quality in the analysis and modelling of Earth's climate and environment at a master’s level. The programme covers a range of skills required for the acquisition and assessment of laboratory and field data, and for the understanding through quantitative modelling of climate and environmental processes. The course structure has been designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and transferable skills required to undertake world-leading quantitative scientific research in Climate and Environmental Sciences. The course will train a new generation of scientists to work with environmental data to address the myriad of challenges associated with climate change. Multidisciplinary skills will be developed through diverse topics addressed in the course combined with a research project which will prepare students for further academic research and careers in many sectors of the economy dealing with climate and environmental impacts. The course responds to the growing: demand for highly trained quantitative research scientists in climate and environmental modelling to better understand global and local climate change and its consequences, societal demand to find solutions to climate-related challenges and develop new sustainable technologies, importance of interdisciplinary expertise to better respond to the complexity of challenges faced by societies in a changing climate. The objectives of the course are to give students: a deep knowledge in scientific areas related to climate and environmental change, a familiarity and facility with acquiring and assessing climate and environmental data, a knowledge and practical experience in climate and environmental modelling, an awareness of the impacts and possible solutions to climate change.

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Applicants for this course should have achieved a UK Good II.i Honours Degree. If your degree is not from the UK, please check International Qualifications to find the equivalent in your country. Applicant’s degree should be in a quantitative science or a technology discipline, and applicants are expected to demonstrate abilities at an adequate level in mathematics especially in the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations.

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Quantitative Climate and Environmental Science at University of Cambridge - UCAS