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The MSc Data and Decision Analytics programme prepares you to not only be able to analyse and digest data, but also to translate this into effective decision-making in this Big Data Age. You will learn from world-class faculty how to apply cutting-edge business analytics and computing tools to make data-driven decisions in a plethora of business areas, such as:

  • strategy
  • marketing
  • finance
  • human resources
  • technology and equipment
  • operations
The courses provide you with methodological foundations and techniques, as well as applications in business, management, and economics. To enhance your learning experience, develop your practical skills in analytics, and prepare you for the job market, the programme uses a combination of:
  • problem-based learning
  • case study-based learning
  • hands-on experience using prominent analytics software
Through a balance of academic theory, crucial soft skills and the very latest industry practice, the programme provides opportunities for you to gain experience in planning, designing, executing, and reporting findings to a critical audience of specialists and non-specialists. You will also gain experience through research processes, such as:
  • primary data collection from individuals
  • securing their cooperation and consent
  • analysing and evaluating data
  • framing recommendations
  • other methods of field study and data collection
You will learn how to communicate complex ideas and information in a coherent and structured manner throughout the programme courses. The programme also provides opportunities for you to engage with each other through group projects, discussion forums and peer assessment. The distinguishing feature of the MSc in Data and Decision Analytics (online learning) is that it will expose you to unique and balanced courses in the two most important analytics areas, namely, predictive and prescriptive. This enables you to not only make use of state-of-art machine learning methods to predict and understand data behaviours, but also to effectively apply decision optimisation to make better informed decisions as current business managers. The programme combines a plethora of state-of-the-art elective courses that enable you to make use of the most innovative and efficient methods to solve data and decision analytics problems.


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Data and Decision Analytics (Online Learning) at The University of Edinburgh - UCAS