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Course summary

Our blended Academic Practice programme is designed to support the professional development of staff involved in teaching and supporting learning in higher education at various points in their career. The programme strives to provide a variety of practical advice and support to enhance the competence, confidence and professional development of teachers in higher education as well as provide an opportunity to engage in scholarly practice, theory and research and scholarship related to higher education. WHY THIS PROGRAMME

  • The programme aims to engage participants in both initial and continuing professional development related to learning and teaching, with the aim of enhancing your practice and student learning.
  • It will enhance your understanding of a variety of higher education pedagogies through practice, reflection and engagement with theory.
  • We will support you to gain professional recognition of your teaching through engagement with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) for teaching and supporting learning and the University of Glasgow’s Recognising Excellence in Teaching (RET) framework.
  • We have flexible blended and online study options to suit your needs, with opportunities to study regardless of your location.
PROGRAMME STRUCTURE The programme is built around four phases of study. Phase 1 is initial professional development in learning, teaching and assessment in higher education and comprises three core courses. Phase 2 explores continuing professional development and comprises six optional courses. Phase 1: Core Courses INTRODUCTION TO LEARNING AND TEACHING IN HIGHER EDUCATION SUPERVISING STUDENTS COURSE DESIGN IN YOUR DISCIPLINE Phase 2: Optional Courses ASSESSMENT AND FEEDBACK CREATIVE PEDAGOGIES FOR ACTIVE LEARNING DEBATES IN TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING AND TEACHING SCHOLARSHIP OF TEACHING AND LEARNING I: DESIGNING A PRACTICE ENQUIRY SCHOLARSHIP OF TEACHING AND LEARNING II: UNDERTAKING A PRACTICE ENQUIRY IMPACT AND INFLUENCE IN LEARNING AND TEACHING Successful completion of all Phase 1 and two Phase 2 courses will result in the professional recognition as a RET Fellow, aligned against Descriptor 2 of the UKPSF. Phase 3 continues your learning journey. You will take five courses in total including the core ‘Approaches to educational enquiry’ course as well as four other courses drawn from the remaining Phase 2 and Phase 3 offerings. Phase 3 (Online) Core Course APPROACHES TO EDUCATIONAL ENQUIRY Elective Courses CONTEXTUALISING YOUR EDUCATIONAL ENQUIRY ANALYSING YOUR ENQUIRY DATA Phase 4 requires the completion of a Masters project related to your own academic practice and is delivered by distance. MASTERS PROJECT IN ACADEMIC PRACTICE

How to apply

International applicants

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Entry requirements

You should have a confirmed teaching related workload of at least 30 hours for the duration of the first year of the programme. This equates to 10% of the notional learning hours for the Introduction to learning and teaching in higher education course. (A typical academic contract might have in the region of 2-400 hours of ‘teaching related workload’ per annum, though individual workloads do vary greatly.) Your ‘teaching related workload’ must include student contact hours (these can be online) and assessment responsibilities. It is also expected that ‘teaching related workload’ will include some degree of curriculum design responsibilities. ‘Student contact hours’ should normally equate to at least one third of the minimum teaching related workload (i.e. around 10 hours). Where ‘student contact hours’ are considered to be ‘online teaching’ then a calculation based on ‘notional learning hours’ will be conducted to quantify approximate contact. Typically, around 10% of the notional learning hours attributed to a course can be considered as ‘student contact hours’.

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Academic Practice at University of Glasgow - UCAS