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How will we feed ourselves in the future? This is one of the most important questions faced by the human race. Access to good and healthy food is a basic human right. However, a rapidly growing population, finite resources, environmental damage, climate change and global inequality make this an incredibly complex issue. The MSc Food Security addresses these challenges, with a specific focus on the social and economic aspects of food security. What will I learn? This MSc provides you with excellent opportunities to tackle world hunger and feed the world in the 21st century. Through this programme, you will explore issues such as:

  • social demographics
  • diet and nutrition
  • the transformation of the food system
  • trade
  • technology and innovation
  • conservation
  • climate change
You will also learn about genetics role in addressing sustainable food production, the importance of orphan crops and the increasing pressures on resources such as water and soil, among other topics. You will explore how food security has become a critically important issue for societies around the globe. It concerns not only food production systems and supply chains but also development issues such as land tenure, inequality, and the exchange value of commodities. Reputation, relevance and employability There is an increasing demand for qualified experts to contribute to policy creation and legislation in food production. In addition, to assess the Agri-industry on tracing their development strategy to improve food production and distribution in a sustainable way. This MSc provides a multidisciplinary approach to complex issues. You will gain an advanced understanding of the technical, agronomic, environmental, economic and socio-political factors influencing food security. You will also learn qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques to assess different aspects of food security. Scotland's Rural College This programme is delivered in collaboration with Scotland's Rural College (SRUC). You will benefit from being a fully enrolled student at the University of Edinburgh as well as access to all of the complementary staff, expertise, and resources at SRUC. Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded your degree by the University of Edinburgh. Food security versus food safety and hygiene Please note: the MSc Food Security is not a suitable qualification for those mainly interested in Food Hygiene, Food Safety or related areas. Please read about this programme carefully and ensure you understand the nature of the programme before you apply. Applicants who do not show a clear understanding of the programme will not be accepted. When to apply Please note: Due to high demand for this programme, we operate on a series of early application deadlines. We strongly recommend you apply as early as possible. You should also avoid applying to more than one degree. Applicants who can demonstrate their understanding and commitment to a specific programme are preferred. If you plan to apply to more than one programme, you should discuss your choices with us before you submit your application. Where possible, we may make an alternative programme offer if you have been unsuccessful in your chosen programme.


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