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The study of contemporary politics is centrally concerned with power, collective decision making, justice, conflict, (in)equality and citizenship. Politics in the 21st century must consider what role the media plays in these processes, including reinforcing and challenging who gets what, how, why, and where. This course integrates political theory and practice.

You’ll learn about politics through the lens of a variety of disciplines: political science, international relations, anthropology, media, marketing, journalism, digital communications, economics, psychology, history, and philosophy. This interdisciplinary approach provides you with rich insights into politicians, political systems and organisations at local, national and international levels.

You can attend a wide variety of extra-curricular activities including conferences as well as field trips to locations such as Westminster, Brussels, and local government and charities. You’ll also have global opportunities through our study abroad programme and a range of internationally focused activities on and off campus. What’s more, you’ll complete a work placement during your course and can decide whether to do four or 30 weeks, which will help you foster professional relationships, build contacts and ultimately hand you invaluable experience.

This course helps you become a reflective, critical citizen ready for a range of careers as a politician, civil servant, working at nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), or representing organisations who need politically shrewd and media-savvy employees.

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