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You will explore the political and economic consequences of contemporary global issues such as Brexit and the rise of nationalism and protectionism, as evidenced by the election of Donald Trump, the rise of Marine Le Pen and the German AFD party. We discuss some of the biggest issues facing the world today including pollution and climate change, health and healthcare, unemployment, inequality, and global poverty. Through these discussions you’ll develop an understanding of the significance of global politics and the factors that influence income, wealth and wellbeing.

You will also explore the social, historical and cultural contexts and the role of the media in contemporary politics and economics. Whether parliamentary decisions or street protests, information travels worldwide almost instantaneously and therefore we must consider the role that the media plays, including to reinforce and challenge who gets what, how, why, and where.

Outside of lectures you can attend a wide variety of extracurricular activities run by the Centre for Politics & Media Research, including conferences as well as field trips to locations such as Westminster, Brussels, and local government and charities. You are also encouraged to engage in current research, working alongside staff as Student Research Assistants, which can lead to publications in peer-reviewed journals.
This course helps you become a reflective, critical citizen ready for a range of careers.

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