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If you’re excited by the history, politics and culture of the Americas, and want to inject your interest into a versatile qualification, this BA (Hons) American Studies degree course is a great choice.

From their nation-states and peoples to their diverse cultures, you’ll get a deep understanding of all things North and South America. By the end of the course, you’ll be prepared for a range of careers, from library and archival work, to journalism, teaching and local government positions.

On this degree course, you'll:

  • Explore the Americas, from Canada to Chile, and satisfy your interest in these diverse continents

  • Examine US foreign policy and explore important topics such as the impact of race, slavery and emancipation of the Americas

  • Pull apart the influence of Hollywood, gender and cinema on culture, and learn about the civil rights movements that shaped the future of the United States

  • Tailor your studies to the areas of the Americas that interest you the most, from entertainment and art, to sociology and economics

  • Get the opportunity to study abroad in locations such as New York State, Minnesota, North Carolina or the University of Chile and immerse yourself in the culture you’re learning about

Optional pathways
Interested in pairing American studies with English literature or history? Expand your degree with an optional pathway into a second subject of your choice. It'll lead to these awards at the end of the course:

  • BA (Hons) American Studies with English Literature

  • BA (Hons) American Studies with History

Work experience and career planning
To give you the best chance of securing a great job with your degree, our Careers and Employability service can help you find relevant work experience during your course. Take the Learning From Experience (LiFE) option and earn credits towards your degree for work, research placements, volunteer roles or internships you take during your studies. We can help you identify placements, internships, voluntary roles and freelancing opportunities that will complement your studies.

Placement year
After your second year, you can do an optional work placement year to get valuable longer-term work experience in the industry.

We’re an international university with links around the globe, including the Americas. You can get hands on with your studies by taking advantage of our partnerships:

  • Make the most of the Brockport Washington Intern Program, offering unique work experience and learning opportunities

  • Gain valuable experience and contacts from time spent working for US Senators or at leading Washington based lobby groups

  • We’ll help you secure a work placement that fits your aspirations. You’ll get mentoring and support throughout the year.

Careers and opportunities
This course prepares you for a wide range of careers in the US, the UK or further afield. You'll get a broadened worldview that will help you apply your skills in any role that demands analysis, argument or communication. Past graduates have established careers in areas such as:

  • publishing

  • journalism

  • local government

  • teaching

  • marketing

You’ll get career advice and support for up to 5 years after you graduate, to help you put your best foot forward wherever your future takes you.

Entry requirements

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