Counselling Studies and Working with Children, Young People & Families Newman University, Birmingham


Counselling and Working with Children, Young People & Families is a popular course combination leading to a range of career opportunities. Supporting children, young people and vulnerable families is an increasingly high profile area of social policy. This course is 1 of a small number of honours degree level programmes designed to give you the knowledge and skills to understand the social, economic, educational, political and cultural issues and barriers facing children, young people and families, particularly in socially disadvantaged areas.

Similarly, Counselling has seen an enormous growth in recent years. Counselling takes place in a range of settings, including voluntary organisations, schools, hospitals and churches. In addition counselling skills are useful within many professional contexts where listening, understanding and rationalising are important, such as teaching, nursing and social work. Counselling is therefore a large and dynamic field of inquiry, which will be of interest to students wishing to pursue a wide variety of careers. One of the key features of Newman is the excellent graduate employment rate of its undergraduate degrees. Newman University is committed to furnishing you with key skills and a deeper understanding of your discipline, so you can adjust to the challenges of the future and stand out from the crowd, in what is now a very competitive employment market. Newman is based in Birmingham - a truly cosmopolitan city bursting with creativity and a lively atmosphere. For more information on why Birmingham is a great place to study visit our website.

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