Politics and International Relations University of Greenwich


With so much going on in the world of politics, this is the ideal time to study our politics and international relations degree. The course will prepare you for roles in government and public service.

This programme allows students to specialise in the study of global politics while also incorporating courses from a variety of other subject pathways.

The study of politics addresses questions such as: Why do people vote the way they do? What is the difference between the ideas of different political parties? How is the operation of one political system different from that of another? Why is the international system constituted in the way that it is? Why do politicians behave in the way that they do? What do words such as 'democracy', 'power', 'freedom', 'rights' and 'liberty' mean? Responses to these questions are covered by the study of international politics, comparative politics, government and political theory.

In the final year, students may be offered a work placement in regional or local politics, or within one of the many interest and pressure groups based in London, or even in the House of Commons. The ability to reflect critically on this work experience forms part of the assessment of the placement.

The aims of the programme are:

  • To offer students a range of courses which provide an appropriate introduction to both politics and the practical implementation of political activity

  • Enable students to follow various strands within the academic discipline of politics

  • To offer students the opportunity to develop a number of skills that are valuable in both the political arena as well as in more general careers.

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