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One of the world’s oldest academic subjects, philosophy asks vital questions about the world and how we understand it. Is there such a thing as evil? Are we ever truly free to act? How do we know what we know – if we can ever know anything at all?

This fascinating and challenging degree will allow you to think clearly, construct arguments and defend them while giving you the chance to explore ideas and approaches across the full range of philosophy.

Core modules will introduce you to key concepts and issues such as morality, knowledge and the self, logic, philosophy of the mind, the nature of reality and political philosophy. But a wide range of optional modules will allow you to build on this foundation to explore areas as diverse as philosophy of religion, ethics, the history and philosophy of science, aesthetics or feminist philosophy. It’s a great opportunity to gain valuable skills and question what you know and how you think.

Leeds has great facilities for students of philosophy. The world class Brotherton Library holds a wide variety of manuscript, archive and early printed material in its Special Collections– valuable assets for your independent research. Our other library resources are also excellent, and the University Library offers a comprehensive training programme to help you make the most of them.

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