Philosophy and History and Philosophy of Science University of Leeds


What is reality? How can we know it – and how do we know what we know? Can we trust what scientists say more than others, and is science ever truly objective?

A degree in Philosophy and History and Philosophy of Science addresses important questions about how we see and understand the world around us. As well as fundamental questions about knowledge, language, reality and moral and political life, you’ll learn about the ways in scientific theories and methods have developed over the years and the roles that science, technology and medicine play in society.

Core modules will introduce you to key approaches, thinkers and methods in each subject, as you learn to construct effective arguments and think about the nature of scientific evidence and ideas. You’ll then be able to expand your knowledge through a wide range of optional modules on topics like philosophy of biology, science and religion, metaphysics and aesthetics. You’ll engage with questions that have shaped the modern world.

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