Gaelic and Education University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)


Awarded by: University of the Highlands and Islands

The BA (Hons) Gaelic and Education is a four-year, Gaelic medium undergraduate teacher education programme.
The first year of the programme is primarily a language foundation year and, depending on your linguistic ability on entry, you can study either:
◾CertHE Cùrsa Comais: an intensive and interactive Gaelic language course for intermediate-level learners aiming for fluency in the language. The major focus is on language skills, both speaking and writing, but other subjects are introduced as the course progresses.
◾CertHE Gaelic and Communication: for advanced-level learners and fluent speakers of Gaelic who wish to improve their level of accuracy in the language. You will also be introduced to traditional culture, history, literature and media as part of the course.

You will get the opportunity to take a three-week work placement in a Gaelic environment and apply your newly acquired theory skills.

The programme is designed for either secondary teaching (Gaelic as a subject) or Gaelic-medium primary teaching and includes 18 weeks of school experience: nine weeks in year three of the programme; and nine weeks in year four.

Successful completion of this award will give you a direct route to Gaelic and Gaelic-medium teacher education, a field where there is an identified shortage of skilled professionals.

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