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Our Economics degree covers the fundamental aspects of economics, including an understanding of economic systems, an appreciation of financial disciplines, and the related analytical skills (statistics and econometrics) all of which are essential for starting a career in the global economic and financial community. Our graduates are now working as economic and financial analysts, industry experts, data analysts, business development advisers, accountants executives for companies such as Adidas UK Ltd, Apple, Bank of New York Mellon, BMW Financial Services, British Airways, Enterprise, and Hayes.

In the first year, you'll develop a comprehensive overview in the fields of accounting, finance, and economics, and at the end of the year, you'll have the opportunity to transfer to another of our accounting and finance pathways should you wish. With the additional opportunity to experience life in a working environment with a 30-week placement, which can be completed at home or abroad, and allow you to apply the theoretical knowledge and analytical skills forged in the classroom, to a real-world context. Alongside this, in your final year, you will choose an option unit to further tailor your studies to your career aspirations.

A degree in economics lends itself to various career options due to the skills you will acquire in the core subjects (economics and finance) as well as in business and strategic management, marketing and communication.

Pathways: BA (Hons) Accounting & Business; BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance; BA (Hons) Accounting & Taxation; BA (Hons) Accounting & Law; BA (Hons) Economics; BA (Hons) Finance & Business; BA (Hons) Finance & Economics; MAccFinn (Hons) Accounting & Finance. Each of the courses in this framework will give you those vital core skills, as well as offering more specialist options depending on the pathway you choose to pursue. All courses' first year units are the same, allowing you the flexibility to transfer to another pathway at the end of the first year if you wish. This keeps your career options open and enables you to make more informed choices.

90% of our students are working or studying 6 months after graduating (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education, 2018).

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