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In today’s globalised world, economics and political systems have become increasingly interlinked. This course gives you the chance to study both disciplines together, understanding how the theory relates to what’s going on in the world today, and how it affects the social, political and economic problems that societies are facing.

On this course you’ll study modules from both Politics and Economics. The economics side of things will help you understand how resources are distributed and used from both a macroeconomic and microeconomic perspective. This will involve statistics and assessment tools used by today’s economists to analyse policy and international trends. The politics modules will include topics such as the study of political institutions, as well as the social and political issues that are affecting us nationally and globally.

At Huddersfield, politics isn’t simply a theoretical discipline it’s a subject where you’re encouraged to get active, take part and make a difference. So we'll provide you with the opportunity to gain work experience by going on a placement in your second year, working in a political setting. You could be working for an elected representative, local government or a charitable organisation.

If you choose to study the four-year sandwich course, you could take a year-long placement as a full-time employee in a business.

During the course we’ll help you develop personal, professional and academic skills that could make all the difference when pursuing your chosen career. Whether you want to work in local or central government, management consultancy, education, industry or manufacturing, it’s all about building up the transferable skills that employers are looking for.

You’ll also benefit from guest lectures delivered by Members of Parliament and other political figures, engage with student-led debates and take part in the active Student Politics Society.

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