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Studies in Primary Education is intended for students with career aspirations that encompass the wide variety of roles relating to primary education. After completing your degree, you may go on to a teacher training course that recommends qualified teacher status (QTS) or into one of the many associated roles in educational settings. Students who complete the course and meet the criteria are guaranteed an interview for a place on our PGCE course.

  • Studies in Primary Education has been designed in response to the wide-ranging changes that have taken place across the primary phase sector and in teacher education and training. A key feature of the course is that it explores the range of professional, teaching, support and assistant related roles in primary school settings.

  • You will study the complex process surrounding learning and child development. You will gain essential insights into the theory and practice of learning in primary school settings and examine the key characteristics of effective teaching and the learner experience. The course will explore key areas of pupils’ experience including socialisation, learning styles, creativity, Special Educational Needs (SEN), safeguarding and pastoral care.

  • You will have the opportunity to explore the different ways in which creativity has been defined and conceptualised, and the relationship of imagination to the creative process. You will also consider the attributes of creative and imaginative practice as well as the environments and conditions for promoting imagination and creativity with children and young people.

This is an interdisciplinary field of study that draws on philosophy, psychology and sociology of education. Our teaching groups provide an ideal environment in which to discuss the course material, learn from one another and gain confidence and understanding. You will be presented with the opportunity to complete a work placement locally, nationally or overseas. This provides you with a real life setting to apply the theories and practices that you have become familiar with and gain vital experience.

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