American and Canadian Studies (Research) University of Nottingham
University of Nottingham

Particular areas of research specialism include: the American enlightenment; antebellum slavery and politics; antebellum writing; the history of the South; media cultures, cinema and literature of the American South; post-1945 foreign policy, especially US relations with South East Asia and the Kennedy/Johnson administrations; neo-conservatism and the political Far Right; post-1945 intellectual history; labour and the US penal system; race, culture and the Civil Rights Movement; Hispanic migrant communities; African-American painting and photography; the culture, film and literature of the American South; slave and captivity narratives; 19th-century print cultures; new social movements and political culture (including fiction); the study of decades in American culture (especially the 1960s, 1980s and 1990s); Canadian literature; gay, lesbian and queer literature and theory; contemporary US and postcolonial fiction; business and the workplace in American literature; 19th- 20th- and 21st-century American and Canadian literature; post-colonial literatures and theory; race, gender and sexuality in literature and culture; regional and ethnic literary culture and the major movements of realism, modernism and post-modernism.

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