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Maths is a vital tool for problem-solving and decision-making in many areas of life, and is central to advances in science, engineering and technology. This Master’s in Mathematics is an opportunity to explore pure and applied mathematics topics in greater depth as you pursue your professional and personal ambitions.

If you want to carve out a future in industry, business or any niche where number skills are a necessity, our MMath Mathematics programme could put you on the pathway to fulfilling your potential. Studying both traditional pure and applied maths, you’ll have the opportunity to build your knowledge of the subject’s fundamentals, as well as delve deeper into specific areas of mathematics like abstract algebra, calculus and mathematical modelling. As you progress along the course syllabus, you’ll encounter higher level material and have the opportunity to follow your own interests, studying a topic of your choice for your dissertation module.

This integrated Master’s course aims to build on the traditional knowledge and skills developed at bachelor’s level by providing a vocational element, offering opportunities to develop transferable key skills and pursue optional work placement modules. The material taught on this course has industrial, environmental and financial applications across a variety of career pathways, including academic research, IT, banking and economics.

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