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This course will set you up with core skills in both History and Economics, which you’ll follow through a range of optional modules enabling you to pick what suits your interests. You’ll learn how to combine historical context with current awareness of major global trends and challenges, and evaluate evidence of various kinds.

Your choices on the History side are historically and geographically diverse, and you can focus on what fascinates you the most. You’ll be able to explore the cultural, social and political impact of events and eras, in Britain, Europe and across the world, from medieval to modern times. You’ll get to grips with a wide range of approaches to history, and get hands on experience with primary sources.

In your Economics studies, we’ll introduce you to the basics of economics, both macro and micro. You’ll then apply these to contemporary social, economic and historical problems, such as poverty and inequality, high unemployment and rising pollution. Hopefully you’ll figure out some of the solutions too.

In your second year you’ll undertake a work-related project, and have the chance to take a year-long optional placement in your third year. These experiences will help you develop the workplace knowledge that employers are looking for, and start building those all-important networks in your chosen field.

Communication and analysis are at the heart of both Economics and History, and it is precisely these skills which our creative teaching and learning will foster in you. We have a friendly, hands-on approach to delivering our courses, involving you in independent and team work, problem solving and digital literacy.

A degree in History and Economics offers so many varied opportunities for careers, for example in banking and finance, teaching, economics and management consultancy, government, work in developing countries, the media and accountancy to name just a few.

The 5 year part time version of this course is available on our website.

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