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Some of the decisions that are made in governments and other institutions can have a huge effect on people’s lives. Studying politics gives you the chance to see how these decisions are made, while studying history lets you explore the impact previous decisions have had on people in many different eras and cultures.

For the History side of the course, we'll give you the chance to shape your studies to your interests. Our modules are historically and geographically diverse, so you can pick the periods and places that fascinate you the most. You’ll be able to engage with a range of approaches to history, and work with primary source materials too.

While you’re here you could build up some very useful and transferable skills: to analyse and communicate; to put together a convincing argument; to gain the self-discipline to work on your own; and to work with others to assess challenges and solve them.

On the Politics side of the course, we’ll encourage you to roll up your sleeves and get truly involved. We'll give you the opportunity to gain a critical understanding of political processes and institutions, focusing specifically on British politics. Of course, we’ll look at the theory behind the politics, but then we’ll give you the chance to apply it in the working environment, with an invaluable work placement in your chosen field.

This could involve working for an MP, or helping at a non-governmental organisation (NGO), educational institution or media outlet.

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