Mathematics with Statistics University of Bolton


If you’re interested in becoming a mathematician or statistician, or looking to expand your professional opportunities in related areas, such as business, finance, science or technology, the MMath Mathematics with Statistics course from the University of Bolton could be the ideal course for you.

Maths is a key skill for success in a variety of careers. If you want to work in finance, business or insurance, having the necessary mathematical abilities could help you to progress along your chosen path. On our MMath Mathematics with Statistics programme, you’ll have the chance to develop your knowledge of fundamental aspects of maths, exploring scientific and mathematical models and theories. As the course progresses, we’ll guide you in delving deeper into mathematical, statistical, numerical and linear analysis, studying topics like programming, probability, group theory and fluid dynamics.

This integrated Master’s course gives you the chance to build on the skills developed at bachelor’s level, by offering postgraduate knowledge and understanding of statistical and mathematical modelling, logical reasoning and abstraction, and the opportunity to learn to apply your skills in the real world. This course has a split focus on both pure and applied maths for a good grounding in the broader subject of mathematics with statistics.

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