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Most popular music practitioners are freelancers pursuing a diverse portfolio of activities; consequently, today’s music professionals need to be multi-skilled and adaptable so that they can take full advantage of any opportunities that come their way. A Foundation Degree is a combined academic and vocational qualification, equivalent to two thirds of an honours degree. It is anticipated that those who complete the Foundation Degree in Music & Sound will progress to the BA (Hons) top-up in Music & Sound. Learners can choose to specialise in performance, music technology or production whilst also developing an essential mastery of multi-media that will significantly increase their employment prospects upon graduation. With its small class sizes, the Academy of Music and Sound offers an exclusive boutique-style learning environment led by active music professionals that will ensure that students do not get lost in the crowd; furthermore, access to detailed support materials and high-quality instructional videos via its Virtual Learning Environment means that the Academy of Music and Sound is the only instrument-specific education provider that can put learning in the palm of your hand allowing for true flexibility to learn at any place or time.
Further flexibility is provided by the option of choosing to study the course either in a traditional ‘in class’ setting or via supported distance learning which will suit those who work, live in a geographically remote location or who find it difficult to attend a centre due to physical or mental health issues.

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