Computing & Information Systems Bradford College


Awarded by: University of Bolton

Computing and Information Systems is a versatile course, aiming to give you a strong grounding in the technical, theoretical and organisational skills that it takes to be successful in the competitive Computing industry. Modules focused on computer security, mobile application development and the mathematical side of computing are designed to give you a broad overview of the sector, before you consequently specialise in your preferred area during your final semester. Your training on the practical aspect of the course will be substantiated by theoretical work, which will aid your understanding and allow you to progress more effectively. In addition, group work and personal mentoring will provide you with the opportunity to develop your organisation and time-management skills, attributes which are key to success in the computer industry. The versatility of the course means that graduates can consider a number of career pathways in the information services sector, which include Web Developers, System Programmers, Business Analysts and Knowledge Engineers.

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