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Accredited by five industry-leading bodies, this joint honours degree delivers the analytical and technical skills required to understand key developments in global markets, making it an ideal choice for those destined to work in international finance, but also provides many applications in a wider business context too. Our graduates are now working as economic and financial analysts, industry experts, data analysts, business development advisers, accountants executives for companies such as Adidas UK Ltd, Apple, Bank of New York Mellon, BMW Financial Services, British Airways, Enterprise, and Hayes. 100% of our final year students said the course has provided them with opportunities to apply what they have learnt (National Student Survey, 2018).

Year one provides a solid foundation in accounting, finance and economics, and the flexibility to switch pathways at the end of your first year. There is also the option to study abroad at one of our international partner institutions. In year three you’ll get hands-on experience with a 30-week work placement, allowing you to execute the theoretical and practical skills developed on campus and ultimately improve your employability.

Pathways: BA (Hons) Accounting & Business; BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance; BA (Hons) Accounting & Taxation; BA (Hons) Accounting & Law; BA (Hons) Economics; BA (Hons) Finance & Business; BA (Hons) Finance & Economics; MAccFinn (Hons) Accounting & Finance. Each of the courses in this framework will give you those vital core skills, as well as offering more specialist options depending on the pathway you choose to pursue. All courses' first year units are the same, allowing you the flexibility to transfer to another pathway at the end of the first year if you wish. This keeps your career options open and enables you to make more informed choices.

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