Philosophy (Research) Anglia Ruskin University
Anglia Ruskin University

Areas of research include: Modern European philosophy including phenomenology; psychoanalysis; ethics; feminist philosophy; weakness of will in Aristotle and Davidson; Adorno and aesthetics; Simone de Beauvoir and old age; modern European philosophy, especially Heidegger; ethics; philosophy of religion; history of philosophy, especially ancient philosophy; philosophical botany, zoology and anthropology; historical and contemporary ways of conceptualising plant movements; metaphysical realism; the concept of 'to kalon' in Aristotle; philosophy of mind; philosophy of cognitive science; philosophy of sociality and social cognition; intersubjectivity; epistemology; the philosophy of perception; attention and joint attention, collective intentionality and collective action; folk psychology; embodied theories of mind; developmental psychology; social cognition; the philosophy of P F Strawson.

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