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Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with iQTS (Secondary) (Taught)

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Explore our Postgraduate Certificate in Education International (PGCEi). This one-year teaching course is a high-quality programme of professional education designed for candidates teaching outside of the UK, leading to International Qualified Teacher Status (iQTS) and master’s level credits. Our course aims to develop you into a highly reflective practitioner, able to adapt and respond to changes in settings and international educational contexts, and able to take responsibility for your ongoing professional development in preparation for future leadership. Course codes differ by subject and assessment method, please visit the Centre for Teacher Education website for more information. Course overview This one-year, 90-credit Post-Graduate course with iQTS (International Qualified Teacher Status) is a teacher training course designed for students embarking on a teaching career internationally with a focus on combining theory and practice across all course aspects through a blended learning programme. The course provides a well-integrated blend of online and school-based learning opportunities that develop a values-based and evidence-informed approach to classroom practice in an international school setting. With reference the iQTS Core Content Framework, and taking account of the local contexts in which a student is teaching, the course will provide an appropriate training experience for those teaching in secondary (11-18) age phase.  Trainees will be supported to understand the complexity of evidence and established views on effective learning in schools. Taught sessions and assessments will encourage critical engagement with evidence and the implications for personal teaching practice.  The Centre for Teacher Education is the University’s global-service provider for high quality teacher training and professional education. At its most recent inspection, the University of Warwick’s Centre for Teacher Education has been awarded “Outstanding” provider status by the British government standard (OFSTED). The secondary iQTS programme is offered across the following subjects:

  • PGCE iQTS Art & Design
  • PGCE iQTS Biology
  • PGCE iQTS Business & Economics
  • PGCE iQTS Chemistry
  • PGCE iQTS Computer Science
  • PGCE iQTS English
  • PGCE iQTS Humanities
  • PGCE iQTS Mathematics
  • PGCE iQTS Modern Languages
  • PGCE iQTS Physical Education
  • PGCE iQTS Physics
What is iQTS? iQTS is a UK Government-backed international teaching qualification which will be recognised by the Department for Education as equivalent to English Qualified Teacher Status.  iQTS is suitable for candidates who wish to train to teach and qualify outside the UK, including:
  • UK citizens currently working abroad who wish to start teacher training or develop their teaching career
  • Non-UK citizens who wish to begin teacher training or build on existing teaching experience
  • UK and non-UK teachers without QTS who wish to improve their employability in England and internationally with a UK government-backed and approved professional qualification
This information is applicable for 2024 entry. Given the interval between the publication of courses and enrolment, some of the information may change. It is important to check our website before you apply.


Core modules Phase Studies (primary or secondary education) 30-credits You will follow a programme of sessions related to your area of phase and expertise. These sessions are designed to heighten your awareness of the pedagogical approaches related to each subject/phase specialism. This will help you adopt a range of approaches and strategies to ensure your teaching is sufficiently diverse to challenge or support as appropriate in an international education setting. You will engage critically and analytically with a range of theories and models which underpin effective teaching and learning. You will develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to be an effective teacher. You will understand the impact this has on pupil progress in their subjects, building towards a vision for outstanding learning and teaching in your area of expertise that will underpin your practice on teaching placements. Professional Enquiry 30-credits You will engage critically and analytically with a range of theories and models which underpin effective teaching and learning in international educational settings. You will develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to be an effective teacher and understand the impact this has on pupil progress in a range of international contexts. You will also be introduced to skills and techniques to support your development as a reflective practitioner, gaining access to a wide variety of pedagogic styles and innovative methods for learning and teaching in international settings. Throughout the course, links between critical reflection and your subject specialisms will be emphasised, helping you to embrace the concept of a connected curriculum. Professional Practice 30-credits This component consists of a minimum 120-day teaching placement in your specialist phase teaching to groups of eight or more students. The placement will include regular meetings with your school mentor, as well as evaluations of professional practice through mentoring conversations on placement following lesson observations.

Assessment method

Phase Studies (primary or secondary education) 30-credits Assessment will comprise of a summative 4000-word Master’s level assignment. Professional Enquiry 30-credits Assessment will comprise of a summative 4000-word Master’s level assignment. Professional Practice 30-credits There are two components for the assessment of this module both of which must be passed for the module to be completed.

  • Reflections which detail your progress towards the iQTS Teachers’ Standards which are evidenced in the Professional Digital Portfolio (PDP) – equivalent to 3000 words (pass/fail)
  • All practical teaching in the classroom must also be assessed against all the iQTS Teachers’ Standards (pass/fail) – this will either be assessed online or face to face depending on the route you choose.
More information can be found on our Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Entry requirements

Minimum requirements You must hold an approved Bachelor’s degree with Honours at 2:2 or above, (or) equivalent level. At least Grace C or 4 in GCSE Maths. English language requirements Your spoken and written English must be of an adequate standard for postgraduate study. You can find out more about our English language requirements. This course requires the following: Band A Overall IELTS (Academic or UKVI) score of 6.5 and component scores. **Additional requirements** A self-sourced 120-day placement in an international school, which is confirmed by the school (your placement school will need to complete a 'Partnership Agreement' that confirms they have carried out the local safeguarding checks that they would perform for any other employee). You will also be required to provide original documents or attested copies of all your qualifications to evidence that you meet the qualification entry requirements. If you have ever lived or worked in the UK, you will be required to apply for an International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC). Upon securing a conditional offer, you will be asked to provide evidence of this.

Fees and funding

Tuition fees

No fee information has been provided for this course

Additional fee information

As well as tuition fees and living expenses, some courses may require you to cover the cost of field trips or costs associated with travel abroad. General costs to be considered: - Core text books - Printer credits - Dissertation binding As well as tuition fees and course costs, students should budget for: - Accommodation - Food - Clothes and leisure - Robe hire for your degree ceremony

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We offer a variety of postgraduate funding options for study at the University of Warwick, from postgraduate loans, university scholarships, fee awards, to academic department bursaries. It's important that you apply for your postgraduate course first before you apply for a University of Warwick scholarship.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with iQTS (Secondary) at University of Warwick - UCAS